Download Lemon Mobile PC Suite, User Manual, GPRS & WAP Settings

Lemon Mobile, an associate of Fastrack Communications Pvt. Ltd is a well known name in the field of domestic mobile handsets in India. Lemon Mobiles currently poses more than 500 distributors and 20000 retailers across the country. Lemon Mobile is getting very popular due to it’s affordable, entry & mid segment multimedia handsets. Lemon Mobile PC Suite will help you in synchronizing data between your PC and phone, transferring data between your phone and PC, internet accessing, data back-up etc. GPRS & WAP setting will help you in internet access and the video converter is a must having software for changing video formats. Lemon has recently launched Lemon Twist, an application which includes Facebook, Twitter, Nimbuzz, Snaptu, Skype, MSN, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Cricket, Live TV, Dictionary etc.

Download Lemon Mobile PC Suite, User Manual, GPRS & WAP Settings

Lemon Mobile PC Suite Features :

  • Works as a medium between your computer and handset
  • Access internet on PC by using handset as a modem
  • Synchronize data between PC and mobile handset
  • Transfer your photos, music & videos from phone to computer
  • Operate and manage the files stored on the phone
  • Update software version of handset
  • Download various applications to handset
  • Transfer phone contacts to computer
  • Transfer SMS messages from handset to PC
  • Create, edit and delete phone data
  • Restore & back-up data
  • Convert video format
  • Compress video & mp3 files

Lemon Mobile PC Suite & User Manual Compatible Handsets :

  • Lemon Duo 216
  • Lemon Duo 309
  • Lemon Duo 321
  • Lemon Duo 325
  • Lemon Duo 339
  • Lemon Duo 349
  • Lemon IQ 303
  • Lemon IQ 505
  • Lemon IT 515
  • Lemon IT 717
  • Lemon Trio 320
  • Lemon Duo 402

Download Lemon Mobile PC Suite, User Manual, GPRS & WAP Settings

  • Lemon Duo 405
  • Lemon Duo 525
  • Lemon F101
  • Lemon W100
  • Lemon Duo 212
  • Lemon Duo 329
  • Lemon Duo 302
  • Lemon Duo 306
  • Lemon Duo 305
  • Lemon Duo 339 Super
  • Lemon Duo 216 Plus
  • Lemon MU1
  • Lemon Duo 222
  • Lemon Duo 319
  • Lemon iT 414
  • Lemon Duo IT828
  • Lemon MB1
  • Lemon Duo 226
  • Lemon Trio 323
  • Lemon Duo 409
  • Lemon Duo 419
  • Lemon Duo 335


Download Lemon Mobile PC Suite & User Manual : Download Link

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