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MVL Mobiles is an Indian based mobile handset manufacture. MVL Mobiles is an associate of MVL Industries Limited, listed in Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange. MVL Mobiles is growing rapidly because of it’s affordable entry, mid & premium segment handsets. MVL PC Suite helps you in synchronizing data between your PC and phone. It also works as an internet modem for your PC.

Download MVL Mobile Phone PC Suite

List of MVL Mobile Phones Compatible With MVL PC Suite :

  • MVL G25
  • MVL G80
  • MVL G81
  • MVL VU34

MVL Mobiles PC Suite Features :

  • Synchronize data between PC and handset
  • Operate and manage the files stored on the phone using the On Screen program
  • Back-up and restore data
  • Transfer SMS from phone to PC
  • Transfer contacts from handset to PC
  • Create, edit and delete phone data
  • Transfer your photos, music & videos from phone to PC
  • Use as an internet modem

Download Link : MVL Mobiles PC Suite

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