Luminous Inverter Features and Price

Luminous provides customers significant advantages to its customers. Luminous Inverter has launched to the Indian market with features Surface mounted technology for reliable and compact design, Longer battery life and affordable price.

Luminous Inverter Features :

  • Surface mounted technology for reliable and compact design
  • Circuit breaker to protect your appliances on high loads
  • Longer battery life
  • Faster Charging and Intelligent thermal management

Luminous Inverter Prices in India : You can buy Luminous inverter in India.

  • Luminous 800VA Sine Wave Inverter Price – Rs.5100
  • Luminous 1.4 KVA Inverter Price – Rs.6500 Sine Wave
  • Luminous 600VA Inverter Price – Rs.4000 Square wave
  • Luminous 800VA Inverter Price – Rs.4800  Square wave

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