Uninor Caller Tune Codes, Price & Activation Procedure

With Uninor your callers would no longer to have listen the boring tring tring sound. Uninor provides you My Caller Tune service and lets you choose your favorite song from million songs.

Uninor Caller Tune Codes, Price & Activation Procedure



Uninor My Caller Tune Activation Procedure :


Dial 543211 and say the song you want to download at Just 1 Rupee per minute.

Dial 52211555 from your Uninor phone, go through the menu and choose your favorite song at just 6 Rupees/minute.

Dial 52222, go to Uninor’s Music Station. Listen to a song and then dial * to make it your My Caller Tune.

If you have the song code then SMS, ACT UT ‘song code’ to 52211 and set the song as your My Caller Tune.

If you like other Uninor subscribers My Caller Tune and want to copy it as your My Caller Tune then dial *9 while listening to that song.


Uninor My Caller Tune Charges :

  • Song Download : 10 Rupees/Month
  • Caller Tune Service : 30 Rupees/Month
  • Change the song as many times you want : 40 Rupees/Month


Uninor My Caller Tune Unsubscription :

Call Uninor customer care @ 121 ( toll free ) and request to unsubscribe caller tune service.


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